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Absinthe Guide

After you have completed step 1, 2 and three you are now ready for the first sip!

1. Buy your first Absinthe

As a good brand to experience the world of Absinthe we can recommend the Absinthe Strong68. This Absinthe is produced in France, is of natural green color, has the classic alcohol-level of 68% alc. by vol. and sets free a wonderful milky louche when cold water is added. The taste is of course herbal, slightly bitter and the licorice taste is not too strong to create a balanced taste of the various herbs used. Overall it is a very potent Absinthe, which will give you a good impression of the "Absinthe Effect" (but remember, Absinthe is not a drug! It won´t make you hallucinate!). The Absinthe is a bit bitter, therefore it is more for the Absintheurs who are looking for a "strong" Absinthe. If you want to drink a smoother Absinthe, check out the Premium Absinthes at the end of this page.

Strong68 - France - 68% Alcohol - Natural Green Color - Unsweetened

Absinthe Strong68

Strong68 Absinthe is available for sale here

2. Get your Absinthe Accessories

For the Absinthe-ritual you need original Absinthe glasses and Absinthe spoons. Like these Pontarlier glasses. They got its fame from the painting by Charles Maire, an artist of the Belle Epoque. They have a reservoir in the stem to measure just the right amount of Absinthe.

Absinthe Spoons and Glasses

This Absinthe Set is available here

3. Get ready for the Ritual

If you have ordered all the accessories which are needed, everything is prepared for your first rendevouz with the Green Fairy. Check once again step 2 for the Absinthe-Ritual and lets get started...

4. Welcome to the World of Absinthe!

Congratulations, you have entered the fascinating world of the Green Fairy! Poets like Toulousse Lautrec, Baudelaire, Manet, Rimbaud, Verlaine and Gauguin were famous Absintheurs, just to name a few. They all confessed their love to the green elixier. The drink you have just tasted. There are plenty Absinthe brands available, and your journey has just started. Once you have sampled different Absinthes form different countries made after different distillation methods, you will feel the mystique of the drink. Use the Strong68 as your Absinthe reference and compare future Absinthes with the smell, the louche and the taste you just have tasted. Soon you will find your personal favorite, but one thing is for sure, you will never forget your first sip of Absinthe...

As further Absinthes we can recommend:

Strong Absinthe

1. Absinthe Libertine Amer
Amer is an distilled Absinthe with a significant wormwood bouquet, no sugar is added and he belongs to the category of bitter spirits, which stands for the triple amount of wormwood. Smooth taste, nice louche.

2. Gold68
ALANDIAs Gold68 uses maximum wormwood for a strong taste, but skips anise to avoid a dominating licorice taste. Moreover stimulating citrus flavors are present, which give this Absinthe a very pleasant body. Get it when you want a strong Absinthe with less licorice taste.

Premium Absinthe

1. Absinthe Maison ALANDIA
This one is for those Absintheurs who want to experience a historical dedication. Maison ALANDIA is distilled with 16 different herbs. Besides the complexity of the recipe, a strong focus was put on the process of distillation. Each step is hand crafted by a small family owned German distillery located in the Bavarian forest. When you want to broaden your Absinthe horizon buy this one together with Strong68. Then you have one strong brand and one authentic brand to compare with and you will soon know, which style of Absinthe you like best.

2. Absinthe La Bleue
This is a crystal clear, smooth Absinthe. La Bleues are produced with only the finest herbs, grown by local farmers. They are distilled using traditional artisan methods and colouring or any artificial additives would never find its way into a genuine La Bleue Absinthe. Sipping this very special elixir is a sensory experience, the scent of honey and flowers, and the complexity of the first sip introduces you into a fascinating world of taste and the first quality herbs guarantee an inspiration you will never forget. Get this one if you want to have a very balanced "I could drink it every day, it tastes so damn good" Absinthe.

3. Absinthe Epoque
This a French styled Absinthe with a wonderful natural green color. Like Maison, ALANDIA Absinthe Époque was developed in cooperation with the international known Absinthe connaisseur "deep forest". The task for this Absinthe was to create a complex but balanced Absinthe, smooth, without any bitterness, enhanced by the herbal touch of calamus, resulting in the typical French Absinthe impression. The overall taste impression is guided by the herb fennel, which gives this Absinthe a natural sweetness, without being sugared.

All these Absinthe brands and much more is available at ALANDIA

We hope you enjoyed the little journey to the world of Absinthe. And remember, Absinthe is culture, Absinthe is history and Absinthe is lifestyle. Spread the spirit, live the spirit!


Long live the Green Fairy!