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Absinth Guide

Absinthe is a histrocial spirit. It is widely known under the name Green Fairy, because of its beautiful green color. Learn more about this legendary spirit, learn how to drink and prepare Absinthe (the Absinthe Ritual) and the effect of real Absinthe is. You will also learn which brand is the best, why Czech Absinthe doesn´t louche and why we do not recommend to set your Absinthe on fire. Read more about the fascinating world of the Green Fairy on this site. Enjoy your journey and plunge back to the world of Absinthe!

This Absinthe-Guide will give you an introduction to the World of Absinthe. Read and become an Absintheur in four easy steps.

Learn more about the Absinthe History and the Absinthe Ritual. How can I differentiate Absinthe Brands? And check out the Absinthe Guide to get an Absintheur.

Erfahre mehr über die Absinth Historie bzw. Absinth Geschichte. Du wirst lernen, wie man Absinth Marken unterscheidet und was das Absinth Ritual ist. Beim Absinth Guide bekommst Du noch einmal ausführlich erklärt, wie man am besten in die Welt des Absinthes einsteigt.

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